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You should find all sorts of useful and interesting resources to help you with your GCSE maths. Click on the page links on the left hand side to take you to the relevant pages.

Other Wikispaces sites you might be interested in:
Glyn Revision: glynrevision
Mr Rouse's wiki:rousemaths

Mr File's YouTube channel for revision videos
Mr Rouse's YouTube channel which has videos for his classes. Unit 1 mostly so far
Mr Collins' YouTube channel has revision videos for the Methods in Mathematics examinations + more
Another teacher's YouTube channel containing loads of revision videos (thanks Mr Buckton!)

Some useful revision sites:
MyMaths (school = glyn, password = multiple, get your individual logins from your teacher)
Manga High - see your class teacher for your individual User IDs and passwords
BBC Bitesize
Wolfram Alpha


Mr Rouse's revision notes

Revision Timetable Templates

Follow the link, then download the template as an excel file to personalise yourself.
A revision timetable can help you plan your time for upcoming exams.
Why not try this template to get you started.

Extra links

For revison and consolidation of maths skills:

Contains a variety of mathematical tasks including a revision section. Make sure that your son uses his topic list before picking a topic to revise.

Mr Barton’s site contains information and resources for teachers, students and parents. It is a gold mine that is a must for any students preparing for any mathematics qualifications

This site has interactive explanations of key GCSE topics and some supporting videos to watch or download and watch later. Great for understanding trickier topics.

Username: glyn
Password: multiple
A subscription site the school spays for which contains lessons and tasks on all mathematical topics. The best revision tasks are the booster packs. Your son should try to complete all the booster tasks for the grade he is aiming for.

This is a mathematical search engine which can be used to check answers and investigate concepts and mathematical topics.

All of these resource provide a way of identifying and revising topics. Students are always welcome to find a maths teacher before, during or after school and we will happily help them with any topics that they feel they are struggling with.

Examinations in Mathematics at Glyn

Year 11


– Unit 1 9 June 2014
– Unit 2 13 June 2014

Year 10

Methods and Applications 2MM01 & 2AM01 (set 2)

– Methods Unit 1 (non-calc) and Unit 2 (calc)
-- Applications in Year 11

If you need clarification on the examinations your son is entered for please contact Mr Maranzona via maranzanom@glynschool.org