Make sure you know how to use your calculator

The Language of Maths Exams: What does it all mean!?
What they say
What they mean
Complete this sum... Complete the following table...Complete the sentence
Finish this off for me (Fill in the blanks)
Find the sum of...Find the square root of...
Tell me what the sum of...Tell me the square root of...
Simplify e + 7e
Write as simply as possible/ put this in its easiest form i.e. e +7e = 8e
Solve 9x = 45
Tell me what..(x in this case)...equals i.e. x=5
Work Out
Work out 62
Tell me what 62 is
You must show your working

If you don’t show your working you won’t get all the marks for this question!
Calculate the average speed...
You will need to do a sum (with or/and without your calculator) to get the answer
Explain why this is wrong
Write down a reason why this is wrong/ tell me why this is wrong using a reason
Give the units of your answer

Make sure you put down what your answer is measured in i.e. cm, Km, mm, cm2 , mph, Km/h, cm3...(you’ll get a mark for this alone!!)
Describe fully
Describe fully the single transformation...
Write down a full description of what is happening
i.e. for Enlargement you need to give the scale factor and the centre of enlargement.
For a Rotation you need to give the centre of rotation, amount of degrees you are rotating and the direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise)
For a Reflection you need to give the equation of the line that you are reflecting in
For a translation (move) you need to give the column vector (how much you are moving in the x-direction and y-direction)
Usually next to diagrams/drawings
You can’t measure the lines/angles on this shape as they are not drawn accurately!
Use ruler and compasses only in this question

You will only need to use your ruler and your compass – make sure you have one of each!!! If not, ask for one in the exam!

Equal distance
Map (coordinates & transformations)
Will map point A onto point B
Will move point A to where point B is
Fill in the gaps

Anywhere there is a blank space (gap) you should put an answer
Arrange the following...
Put in a certain order

From smallest to biggest

From biggest to smallest
Select two of these numbers...
Choose from the given list and use them to answer the question!

The same
Explain how to do it

Write down how you would work out the answer, but don’t actually work it out!
Measure the line above...Measure the angle below...
Use your ruler or protractor to find the length of a line or the size of an angle
Draw and label
Draw and label an angle of 50o...Draw and label a line of 6cm
Draw the angle/line with your protractor/ruler and then write the length of the line/size of the angle on your drawing
Give a reason for your choice

Give the answer and then a reason for why it is the answer (you’ll get a 1 mark for the answer and 1 mark for the reason in a 2 mark question)

Give your answer in its simplest form

Put your answer as simple as possible. i.e. for fractions always put your fraction as simple/small as possible so 3/6 in its simplest form is 1/2
Hence, solve this...
Using what you have just done, answer this question
Give a mathematical reason

Using your Maths knowledge give a reason for your answer
Estimate 4.7 x 6.2
Don’t work out exactly but round up the numbers and then tell me the answer i.e. 5 x 6 = 30

This is a sketch of...

This is not drawn accurately so you can’t just measure the sides/angles to get the answer. Use the labels in the sketch to answer the question
Show that
Show that 13/50 is the same as 26%
Tell us why...
Show your working clearly

Write down every step of you working out your answer – you’ll get marks for your working outs
Describe the correlation...
Tell me what the correlation is...Tell me...
Make one comment
Make one comment about...
tell me one thing you notice about...